Was fortunate enough to head out to Kruger National Park the other day. Saw most of the Big 5 and managed to holiday-snap a few.

A leopard escaped my lens. Definitely have big appreciation to wildlife photographers and their patience.

Hopefully I’ll be updating more frequently as I’m heading out to South Korea for a year to teach English, after that I am attending New York University aka NYU in September 2012 to complete my Masters thesis at the Social and Cultural Analysis Department.

I’m pretty excited for both, NYU is ranked as 22nd best university in the world and alumni include 33 Nobel Prize winners, 16 Pulitzer Prize winners, 21 Academy Award winners, Talib Kweli, Joseph Heller, J. D. Salinger, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allan, Spike Lee and many other authors and people whose work I respect immensely.


Here are my snaps from Kruger. Got the circle idea from the amazing Photophop tumblr.

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July 27, 2011 Green&Blue, Life, Photography, Whoohoo

Just watched this promo for an upcoming reality show Clifton Shores.
Must say Cape Town summer looks great in HD:)
If it airs on MTV or another prime channel – I have no doubt it will be
atypical marketing for the city that is currently having some post
World Cup tourism blues (LINK: Brand Cape Town needs a breath of fresh air)
the same it seems it might confuse international viewers as there appear to be
no black people in Cape Town, which is in, you know, Africa???

I do stand to be corrected – its only the promo.

Here it is  (let me know what you think) >>>


Here’s a pic I took when I was on set at Jade.

June 24, 2011 Exclusive, Reviews, Video, Whoohoo

According to National Geographic its one of the 50 places you should visit in your lifetime. Its a pretty sweet spot for beaching and watersports like snorkeling, diving and jet-skiing. Didn’t get to do much cultural exploring as I was working as a stylist most days.

The Galapagos tortoises (big and up to 70 years old) and volcanic rocks make for some pretty prehistoric looking landscapes. Also experienced beautiful full moon nights, pristine environments, white beaches, turquoise water, palm trees, um HUGE bats – who evaded my camera lens with ease.

I was there for nearly 2 weeks and experienced island/cabin fever for the first time, for someone who spends most of their life happily in Cape Town’s one square kilometer CBD, this came as a surprise. Also was the longest I have ever been AFK (away from keyboard) and completely unwired in – didn’t really miss it – which was a relief as there have been some internet addiction rumors floating about my upper Cortex for a while now.

[sidebar – had issues with moisture between my filter lens and my actual lens, demonstrated above by the misty look in the center left, because of moving from aircon to humidity. Any idea how to avoid this?]

Had some great times listening and hanging out with Voodoo Child, without a doubt one of the best Ive heard out of Jozi. Can’t wait to catch them in Cape Town when they come down later this year. If name dropping is your thing they impressed Denzel Washington so much with their performance in Seychelles that he went over to let them know.

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This is handsdown the most delayed post – I worked as the fashion editor for the STR.CRD 2010 mini-magazine that was available at the Cape Town street culture event. Here are the images from the spread. I styled and produced with Miss Creative yourself, Danielle Clough and Art Director/Editor Dylan Culhane. Got most of the gear from Sportscene, 2Bop. Rusty Neal Jeans and of course KID B Clothing:)

The magazine was published by VICE.

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Was fortunate enough to work with the talented photographer Devin Paisley again, for the second JRNL.co.za editorial.

JRNL is an online magazine experiment intent on finding and presenting the best journalism, photography, music and art in South Africa and abroad from as wide and as diverse a contributor base as possible. We look forward to showing you what we find.

My concept was a simple one – capturing the bright sportswear look that young people of suburbs and locations  have when they meet up with friends and head out to popular entertainment areas.  Capturing this localized trend with Puma and KID B Clothing, visually Puma Africa, with its bright palette and inspired design, worked fittingly with this distinctive location to convey the concept. I also accessorized with Lundun caps, Pedro sunnies, Bantu Bikinis and a local handmade handbag maker, Masepe Designs.

We shot on location in Langa Cape Town with great group of friends.

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Tried to image what the ‘Roxzy’s’ would look like … kept visualizing those blue-lens oversized party glasses.
Here’s what I’ve been really been wearing this summer.

1. John Lennons – Pedro’s Stall on Church Street R100
2. YSL Cateye style – B+D available at A-List 211 Long Street R500
3. Vintage Tom Ford replicas –  Pedro’s Stall on Church Street R100

Click READ MORE to find out where to get your own pair of vintage shades>>

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“Ted Sabarese is happy to be a photographer.”


The images beg the question, is it really so difficult to believe we came out from the sea millions and millions of years ago?


March 3, 2011 Art&Illustration, Photography

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